Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This like one of my favorite films, i don't really know why, but i just love it. The fashion in it is so shit hot. i know people have a few reservations about the fashion scene in the 90's but i think its time to start getting prepared for the moment when this comes back round to top shop

its going to be insane...

I cant find many good photos off the net, but if you've ever seen it or are going to see it, I'm sure you know what i mean.

The sound track is shit hot too, its just a major prodigy, techno, rave love fest

Yeah but that's enough hackers appreciation for one day


  1. It is a movie of my childhood and even bought the book (which is not very interesting), but I can not see her again. Luckily I was a kid then and did not have to be dressed that way

  2. all i remember from the 90s is puffa jackets and nirvana t shirts

    but on film, it all looks good!