Saturday, 19 September 2009

Chain, chain, chaaaain.

so its been a bit of a while but its been one of them weeks you know people leaving for uni, trying to train and get fit in a week to race today.
but enough of that....
i decided i wanted to customise some clothes so i molested a pair of jeans that my sister threw out last year

oh yeah and the cheeky blue gloves are from h&m. I went out for a bit of window shopping last week and I came across the accessories section of h&m it was pretty exciting actually. obviously there was the usual jewelry that we get in the high street but then i came across this little gem

However i feel that this is in need of serious customisation !!! but i havent got round to it just yet so i shall keep yall posted...

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  1. Those shorts are a-mazing, loving the blog!

    Check mine out if you'd like?

    x x x