Saturday, 19 September 2009

english schools

Chain, chain, chaaaain.

so its been a bit of a while but its been one of them weeks you know people leaving for uni, trying to train and get fit in a week to race today.
but enough of that....
i decided i wanted to customise some clothes so i molested a pair of jeans that my sister threw out last year

oh yeah and the cheeky blue gloves are from h&m. I went out for a bit of window shopping last week and I came across the accessories section of h&m it was pretty exciting actually. obviously there was the usual jewelry that we get in the high street but then i came across this little gem

However i feel that this is in need of serious customisation !!! but i havent got round to it just yet so i shall keep yall posted...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Thursday, 10 September 2009

serial slug killers

This is so random right, the past few days i've had to walk home from places because i'm so poor i cant afford to get on the bus. So anyway i've noticed as i get closer to my house there are like shit loads of dried up nasty ass dead slugs all over the pavement its so random. Ive decided that either there is something in the grass that doesn't agree with them or there is a slug serial killer on the loose in Birmingham. I don't know about you but i think this is a big cause for concern. I tell you what it only starts with slugs but then what... bloody squirrels.
Anyway all jokes aside i think its mind boggling that someone patrols the streets at night and gets out there little pouch of salt and kills the little blighters

Here's some nice photos ...

Photos from

Well they are actually animations

Pretty funky

ropes, string and biiig bits or wool

Ive just stumbled upon some pretty exciting clothes by Beatrice Newman they are all pieces out of her final graduate collection. The workmanship in them is amazing there is so much attention to detail it does make a smile come to ones face. The jacket that is below is pretty god dam spesh. I love it...

images from

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This like one of my favorite films, i don't really know why, but i just love it. The fashion in it is so shit hot. i know people have a few reservations about the fashion scene in the 90's but i think its time to start getting prepared for the moment when this comes back round to top shop

its going to be insane...

I cant find many good photos off the net, but if you've ever seen it or are going to see it, I'm sure you know what i mean.

The sound track is shit hot too, its just a major prodigy, techno, rave love fest

Yeah but that's enough hackers appreciation for one day
So Ive been thinking this could probably swing in two ways... people could actually be interested in what i have to say and show them, orrrr on the major flip side, no one would giver a dam and i will be writing this for my own self amusement...
right i think it will only be fitting if i introduce myself, i'm holly, i'm 18 i enjoy art, fashion, race walking (no i'm deadly serious) and I'm going to attempt to write bout some tings in this thang we call a blog.

This is me .....

and that would be my roof which i love very dearly....

i hope to amuse and delight you all.